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There are several areas within Taekwon-do , these include the following

Line work :- one of the building blocks of most martial arts, this is where the whole class is lined up and we perform moves to the count, good for practising technique and posture.

Patterns :- these are imaginary fights against one or more opponents, they also allow to practise the movements we learn in the line work.

Sparring :- we have 2 types of sparring, the first is Step sparring, the moves are all designed to help us practise focus, distance and timing, secondly free sparring as seen in the olympics, we do wear protective equipment.

Padwork :- this is where we can try various moves on a foam pad, it allows us to put a little more "punch" into the moves.

Destruction :- the ulitmate test for any student ! You get to try to break a special board that is designed to split if the board is struck correctly, they do come in various thicknesses, for junior through to the equivalent of breaking a brick.

Self defence :- All of the above help build up a good knowledge of self help us cope with an ever changing world.

Gradings :- this is where we put our newly learnt skills to the test earning coloured belts.  There are 12 belts , finishing with the prestigious 'Black Belt' !

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