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 What is Tae Kwon Do ?


Tae Kwon Do is an ancient form of unarmed combat practised for centuries in Korea, developed from 2 styles of martial arts Taekyon and Karate.  It has been scientifically developed and modernised since its introduction into the UK in 1967.


It is proven to be the most powerful system of self defence ever devised and has recently been introduced and included in the Olympic games.  Team GB gaining a fantastic results in Olympic games in Rio 2016 and more so in European Games 2015 winning 4 medals in all.  This martial art is not just recognised as self defence, but a fantastic way of keeping fit, gaining confidence, making new friends , or losing weight.



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Mondays - all grades Swadlincote

Mondays - all grades Meahsam

Mondays - Ladies only Freestyle Tkd Measham

Friday - All Levels Measham




National Forest


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Measham & Swadlincote

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